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Hello everybody!

I’m slowly getting the hang of this – but am not yet technical enough to get my photos right in order to include one on this blog – bear with me and I’ll do my best to follow all the guidance I’ve been given ….. Sadly it’s a bit like getting a cat to bark!

On Tuesday, 12th June we are holding double domme sessions between 5pm and 8pm – we hope that you will allow us to take advantage of you – let me know if you’d like to book a slot.

Then, on Friday, 6th July there will be an interaction party between midday and 4pm to include nibbles, drinks and plenty of play at a cost of £130. Please contact me and help us make it a really enjoyable afternoon.

I’ve availability for sessions every day into the evening, so really look forward to meeting you if you are new, and pushing limits if you are not!


Mistress Victoria x