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I love being a mistress.

I don’t have to work within the boundaries of a job description; meet deadlines or achieve stressful targets. I don’t have to pretend to like my colleagues; and in turn, rattle the nerves of anyone else.

I can choose my hours of work and set my preferred aspects of domination, whilst recognising that there are providers who will cater for those facets that I don’t  wish to offer.

There is room for flair, inventiveness and thinking on my feet;  yet I will happily follow a “script” if required.  I  don’t have to throw common sense out of the window, or practise in a world that’s gone mad.

Sometimes, there is no element of dominance in what I do; just the simple fact of sharing a kink with another person or facilitating something they can’t do on their own.

The skills I amassed during more than thirty years in the workplace have hugely contributed to where I am now. I would never have thought that such a large and varied collection of “ tools” would come together in the way that they have – yet I never stop learning. I am old enough to be comfortable in my skin, but always remember that competition is very healthy.

The best bit? Those I meet of course – thank you all!

All in all, what’s not to like?