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Cheshire Mistress

Due to Covid etc., I hadn’t had a session with Mistress Victoria for a long time. Far too long. Therefore I was looking forward to seeing her again and not only for the session.

In spite of the lengthy time between sessions, Mistress Victoria didn’t need to be told about the things I enjoy. Her professionalism and dedication to your pleasure mean that she remembers your preferences and she goes the extra mile to ensure you leave with a smile on your face.

There is never any rush with Mistress Victoria and after a lengthy pre-session chat and a cup of lemon tea (my favourite drink, as she remembered) the session began with some foot worship which I love. Then it was time for me to be attached to the wall of doom in the cellar for some sensory deprivation (which I also love) and added torment (yes I love that too).

Then it was upstairs to be put into the sleepsack and also bound with plenty of rope. I was gagged, blindfolded, fitted with a gas mask with breath controller and earphones played white noise into my ears. This was the best and most complete sense of being helpless that I’d ever experienced. I never knew where Mistress Victoria was or what she would do next with the electrics attached to my cock and balls. I can’t even begin to explain just how phenomenal a Mistress that Mistress Victoria is.

If you want to session with a Mistress who is honest, trustworthy, health and safety conscious, scrupulously clean and incredibly good at what she does, Mistress Victoria ticks all the boxes and more. If you don’t session with Mistress Victoria, you are missing out more than you will ever know.

Mistress Victoria, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

peter xxx

Cheshire Mistress