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N visited for a further consultation, and this is what he had to say.

I have been having erection and ejaculation problems for some time and my GP suggested a more intense obscure treatment, only available privately by very few specialists. I had seen Dr Stewart in the past and treatment was always beneficial. On arrival at the carpark I phoned the clinic where Dr Stewart was waiting to start treatment. I was asked into the clinic and instructed to go upstairs and strip completely in the bathroom. There I was to put on ankle and wrist cuffs and a collar. My instructions were to then go down to the clinic assessment room where Dr Stewart went through a series of questions about my health.I felt very comfortable being naked in front of her. On the table were several items including a light rope, anal plug, parachute and weights to be hung from the parachute or ropes secured to my testicles. I was asked to assume certain positions to see what were my movement limits. My penis was measured and was a pathetic 2″. Once some bondage was added to my balls and cock I managed to get to 3″. This was a long way from my youth at about 6″.
The treatment was now started and I had to bend over a stool whilst the butt plug was inserted after a gentle internal finger probing of my arse. I was then led to the first treatment and prep room which was down in the cellar area. This was to prep me for sensory treatment of cold therapy and restrained cold bondage in a cage. I was sprayed all over with water and put into the very restrictive cage and sprayed again. It really cooled me down as the cellar was only around 8C in the first place. Dr Stewart had secured my ankles and wrists to fittings in the cage and the door secured and locked. She then left me in the cold and switched off the lights, to leave me in total darkness whilst I dried out naturally. I could now concentrate on the weights on my balls which were doing their job of stretching them.
Dr Stewart then reappeared and I was released from the cage. We now were to go to the treatment room upstairs. I was encouraged to move with the sting of a crop hitting my naked arse cheeks. Once in the treatment room a larger metal butt plug was inserted into me. I was instructed to bend over the end of an inspection table and this was when I realised that pain therapy was to be applied. I first received 12 hard strokes of the riding crop. Skilfully applied by Dr Stewart to give suitable pain and then another 12 with a wide strap. My arse was stinging but I knew that it would be beneficial. I thanked Dr Stewart after each batch of 12. Something in my mind was making me think I need more of that but there were marking restrictions. I think another 24 would have been suitably painful and I am sure Dr Stewart would have enjoyed applying them. I like to think that she knows best.
Now it was time to change position and I was instructed to lie on the table¬† with my legs over the end to allow anal access. My ankles were secured in a leg spreader hanging from the overhead equipment I had to also grip a pair of hand holders above me and basically I was now in a spread eagle position for the Dr to apply electro therapy to my balls. The pads were stuck to either side of my balls and the current applied. I could feel the pin pricking electro increasing in intensity. Now Dr Stewart was to get a sperm specimen from me. I had my foreskin pulled back to it’s fully retarded position. She then applied a vibrator to the head and within a few minutes I had ejaculated as required. A very good response indeed. I was released from all the restraints and allowed to dress. Throughout the session Dr Stewart took photos which you will be able to view. I thoroughly great experience.