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Climate Change!

I’m heading off to the sun, far from this autumnal weather!

Sessions and dungeon hires will resume on Monday, 24th October.

I won’t be contactable whilst I’m away as I have sun-beds to bag, bars to visit and books in which to immerse myself.

Some of you might be taking part in Locktober, but I shall be enjoying Grogtober!






The best of the best

Cheshire Mistress

Due to Covid etc., I hadn’t had a session with Mistress Victoria for a long time. Far too long. Therefore I was looking forward to seeing her again and not only for the session.

In spite of the lengthy time between sessions, Mistress Victoria didn’t need to be told about the things I enjoy. Her professionalism and dedication to your pleasure mean that she remembers your preferences and she goes the extra mile to ensure you leave with a smile on your face.

There is never any rush with Mistress Victoria and after a lengthy pre-session chat and a cup of lemon tea (my favourite drink, as she remembered) the session began with some foot worship which I love. Then it was time for me to be attached to the wall of doom in the cellar for some sensory deprivation (which I also love) and added torment (yes I love that too).

Then it was upstairs to be put into the sleepsack and also bound with plenty of rope. I was gagged, blindfolded, fitted with a gas mask with breath controller and earphones played white noise into my ears. This was the best and most complete sense of being helpless that I’d ever experienced. I never knew where Mistress Victoria was or what she would do next with the electrics attached to my cock and balls. I can’t even begin to explain just how phenomenal a Mistress that Mistress Victoria is.

If you want to session with a Mistress who is honest, trustworthy, health and safety conscious, scrupulously clean and incredibly good at what she does, Mistress Victoria ticks all the boxes and more. If you don’t session with Mistress Victoria, you are missing out more than you will ever know.

Mistress Victoria, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

peter xxx

Cheshire Mistress

Alernative Therapy! A Review by N

For some time now, I knew that I needed further treatment from Dr Stewart. She had had referrals from my GP, explaining how my erection and ejaculation problems had worsened. Dr Stewart had decided on a more severe treatment plan concentrating on stimulation of the nerve areas of my lower body including anal treatment. On arrival I was instructed to go upstairs and strip completely. I was to prepare by getting ankle and wrist restraints on along with a sturdy leather collar for restraint if required. I was to report at the treatment room and knock before entering.

There Dr Stewart had prepared suitable items for my treatment. I was instructed to stand in front of her with legs apart and hands above my head. She then gave me a thorough hands-on check-up and explained the procedures to be carried out.  My cock and balls were tightly tied with soft rope to try to get a better erection. This worked to some extent and I had made pre cum, which she made me lick off her glove. She then connected electrodes to my cock and applied electro therapy in preparation for the next treatment.

I was told to kneel over the examination table and suitably strapped tightly to it. The straps were around my body and legs. It was then that Dr Stewart gave me an anal examination. It was deep and probing. She managed to stimulate my prostate gland and made more pre cum dribble from me. Then it was time for the first nerve stimulation test and treatment. A butt plug was inserted into me, which is always pleasurable.  Anal areas do have much pleasurable feelings that need exploring by someone like Dr Stewart.  I was gagged with a horse bit style, long rubber gag, fastened tightly.  There was a small interval of hand slapping of my buttocks prior to the strap treatment I was to get. It was decided that 30 strokes with a leather strap would be beneficial, to bare flesh. Dr Stewart began the strapping and gave 20 strokes, which were felt by me. She then checked my buttocks with a careful rubbing of her hand. This was to relax me more before the final 10 hard strokes. The gag was removed and she slowly applied the 10 strokes very hard. I thanked her after the last stroke as I knew that this was good for me. I could feel my arse stinging from the treatment and my mindset was now fixed to submit to more treatment whatever it was going to be.

I was released and had to assume a position on my back with my legs strapped in stirrups attached to the examination table. My bottom and genitals were suitably at the very end of the table for the next procedures. An inflatable vibrating butt plug was now fitted and stretched much wider.  Electrodes were now fixed to my inner thighs and a small charge applied. Electrodes were connected to my cock and charges sent through. All very pleasurable. Dr Stewart decided that I should have more charge applied and eventually I was at full power, taking continuous power and alternating with pulse power. She was pleased with the results and we decided that at the next treatment session a more intense electro stimulator would be used which gives a much higher shocking. Dr Stewart changed the pads on my cock and put on a metallic glove and massaged my genitals. As the glove made contact, I felt what seemed like hundreds of pin pricks. I loved every minute of this torment as it was stimulating me massively. Then to the sperm sample. This was achieved after a thorough massaging of my cock with a vibrator on high power. The orgasm came and Dr Stewart kept the vibrator on for a time after ejaculation to ensure a full emptying of my balls and prostate. This was a treatment session that gave excellent results throughout and has hopefully, for the short term, helped with the problem.

The Rising Cost of Kink!

In a time of spiralling costs, the charges for hire of the dungeon are to increase from 1 April, 2022. The new rates will be:

Mondays to Fridays – £80 per couple for two hours (minimum booking).

Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays – £90 per couple for two hours (minimum booking).

Additional hours on any day are £40.

As a reminder, the premises are available Monday to Saturday between 10am and 6pm, and on Sundays and bank holidays between 10am and 4pm. Hire extends to use of all the rooms so that you can enjoy everything that we have to offer.

We do not cater for overnight stays, but can recommend a couple of good hotels in the locality.

We hope to continue – and look forward to – welcoming friends old and new!


Victoria x







Sissy Social! Coming in April!



This special event will take place at The Cheshire Dungeon on Friday 29 April 2022 from 12pm to 5pm.

It is a chance to meet with like-minded sissies and celebrate an afternoon of dressing, games and challenges, as well as enjoying a traditional afternoon tea.

You will need to bring your own outfit, and accessories – so think frills, froth and flamboyance!

There will be a changing area, photographic corner and the opportunity to practise the delights of sissification!

The event will not be domination-driven by me or any guest mistress.

Numbers will be limited and places will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis; the cost for the afternoon is £80.

For further details, please contact me at

We look forward to extending our usual warm welcome!


MV and MC x

Drink, Beach, Sleep, Repeat!

I’m heading off for some winter sun (I hope), which should lighten my mood for the rest of the year!

Sessions and dungeon hires will resume on Monday, 14th February.

I won’t be contactable whilst I’m away as I have rays to catch, sea to paddle in and books in which to lose myself. I’m not even thinking of the downsides of travel!

I look forward to being in touch when I get back.

MV x


Approach with Caution!

Contacting a mistress for the first time can be daunting, and it might take a little time to work up to it.  But, sending a text or using social media to say “hi” is not going to elicit a response and then instigate a game of messaging ping-pong – it’s more likely to rattle my cage; so let me make it easy for you.

First time contact should be either by phone or email.

Please ring me between 9.30am and  5.00pm Monday to Friday – these are my “office hours”. You can leave a message, but I will not contact you unless I access your message on the day that you leave it, so you will have to contact me again. I have no idea what your personal circumstances are, so for me to send a text or return a call out of the blue is a definite no-no!

At weekends, I will usually only take calls from clients who are visiting me on those days.

Please also understand that I do not answer withheld numbers – ever!

If you contact me late at night by phone or text, you run the risk of me not taking any calls or texts from you in the future – you wouldn’t contact your doctor, dentist or optician at an unreasonable time, would you?

Email is my preferred way of you making contact, and I will usually reply within 48 hours. You are welcome to give me as much detail about yourself as you like, and ask any questions that you might have.

Whether you have made initial contact by phone or e-mail, once you have made a first visit, I will be happy to arrange further bookings by text if you prefer this to email or by a phone call.

Now that you know how to make the best approach, please bear in mind that I do not bite, but I might lock horns!


A Review by N

N visited for a further consultation, and this is what he had to say.

I have been having erection and ejaculation problems for some time and my GP suggested a more intense obscure treatment, only available privately by very few specialists. I had seen Dr Stewart in the past and treatment was always beneficial. On arrival at the carpark I phoned the clinic where Dr Stewart was waiting to start treatment. I was asked into the clinic and instructed to go upstairs and strip completely in the bathroom. There I was to put on ankle and wrist cuffs and a collar. My instructions were to then go down to the clinic assessment room where Dr Stewart went through a series of questions about my health.I felt very comfortable being naked in front of her. On the table were several items including a light rope, anal plug, parachute and weights to be hung from the parachute or ropes secured to my testicles. I was asked to assume certain positions to see what were my movement limits. My penis was measured and was a pathetic 2″. Once some bondage was added to my balls and cock I managed to get to 3″. This was a long way from my youth at about 6″.
The treatment was now started and I had to bend over a stool whilst the butt plug was inserted after a gentle internal finger probing of my arse. I was then led to the first treatment and prep room which was down in the cellar area. This was to prep me for sensory treatment of cold therapy and restrained cold bondage in a cage. I was sprayed all over with water and put into the very restrictive cage and sprayed again. It really cooled me down as the cellar was only around 8C in the first place. Dr Stewart had secured my ankles and wrists to fittings in the cage and the door secured and locked. She then left me in the cold and switched off the lights, to leave me in total darkness whilst I dried out naturally. I could now concentrate on the weights on my balls which were doing their job of stretching them.
Dr Stewart then reappeared and I was released from the cage. We now were to go to the treatment room upstairs. I was encouraged to move with the sting of a crop hitting my naked arse cheeks. Once in the treatment room a larger metal butt plug was inserted into me. I was instructed to bend over the end of an inspection table and this was when I realised that pain therapy was to be applied. I first received 12 hard strokes of the riding crop. Skilfully applied by Dr Stewart to give suitable pain and then another 12 with a wide strap. My arse was stinging but I knew that it would be beneficial. I thanked Dr Stewart after each batch of 12. Something in my mind was making me think I need more of that but there were marking restrictions. I think another 24 would have been suitably painful and I am sure Dr Stewart would have enjoyed applying them. I like to think that she knows best.
Now it was time to change position and I was instructed to lie on the table  with my legs over the end to allow anal access. My ankles were secured in a leg spreader hanging from the overhead equipment I had to also grip a pair of hand holders above me and basically I was now in a spread eagle position for the Dr to apply electro therapy to my balls. The pads were stuck to either side of my balls and the current applied. I could feel the pin pricking electro increasing in intensity. Now Dr Stewart was to get a sperm specimen from me. I had my foreskin pulled back to it’s fully retarded position. She then applied a vibrator to the head and within a few minutes I had ejaculated as required. A very good response indeed. I was released from all the restraints and allowed to dress. Throughout the session Dr Stewart took photos which you will be able to view. I thoroughly great experience.

What’s Not To Like?

I love being a mistress.

I don’t have to work within the boundaries of a job description; meet deadlines or achieve stressful targets. I don’t have to pretend to like my colleagues; and in turn, rattle the nerves of anyone else.

I can choose my hours of work and set my preferred aspects of domination, whilst recognising that there are providers who will cater for those facets that I don’t  wish to offer.

There is room for flair, inventiveness and thinking on my feet;  yet I will happily follow a “script” if required.  I  don’t have to throw common sense out of the window, or practise in a world that’s gone mad.

Sometimes, there is no element of dominance in what I do; just the simple fact of sharing a kink with another person or facilitating something they can’t do on their own.

The skills I amassed during more than thirty years in the workplace have hugely contributed to where I am now. I would never have thought that such a large and varied collection of “ tools” would come together in the way that they have – yet I never stop learning. I am old enough to be comfortable in my skin, but always remember that competition is very healthy.

The best bit? Those I meet of course – thank you all!

All in all, what’s not to like?



With Love at Christmas

Every possible aspect of the last few months has been thought, spoken and written about. It has affected us all on so many levels.

Thank you to those who have felt able to visit; it has really been a tonic! To those who haven’t be able to session, let’s hope that next year will provide an opportunity to do so.

Merry Christmas to you all – however you choose to spend it, and hope for a brighter 2021.

Love, MV xx