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For some time now, I knew that I needed further treatment from Dr Stewart. She had had referrals from my GP, explaining how my erection and ejaculation problems had worsened. Dr Stewart had decided on a more severe treatment plan concentrating on stimulation of the nerve areas of my lower body including anal treatment. On arrival I was instructed to go upstairs and strip completely. I was to prepare by getting ankle and wrist restraints on along with a sturdy leather collar for restraint if required. I was to report at the treatment room and knock before entering.

There Dr Stewart had prepared suitable items for my treatment. I was instructed to stand in front of her with legs apart and hands above my head. She then gave me a thorough hands-on check-up and explained the procedures to be carried out.  My cock and balls were tightly tied with soft rope to try to get a better erection. This worked to some extent and I had made pre cum, which she made me lick off her glove. She then connected electrodes to my cock and applied electro therapy in preparation for the next treatment.

I was told to kneel over the examination table and suitably strapped tightly to it. The straps were around my body and legs. It was then that Dr Stewart gave me an anal examination. It was deep and probing. She managed to stimulate my prostate gland and made more pre cum dribble from me. Then it was time for the first nerve stimulation test and treatment. A butt plug was inserted into me, which is always pleasurable.  Anal areas do have much pleasurable feelings that need exploring by someone like Dr Stewart.  I was gagged with a horse bit style, long rubber gag, fastened tightly.  There was a small interval of hand slapping of my buttocks prior to the strap treatment I was to get. It was decided that 30 strokes with a leather strap would be beneficial, to bare flesh. Dr Stewart began the strapping and gave 20 strokes, which were felt by me. She then checked my buttocks with a careful rubbing of her hand. This was to relax me more before the final 10 hard strokes. The gag was removed and she slowly applied the 10 strokes very hard. I thanked her after the last stroke as I knew that this was good for me. I could feel my arse stinging from the treatment and my mindset was now fixed to submit to more treatment whatever it was going to be.

I was released and had to assume a position on my back with my legs strapped in stirrups attached to the examination table. My bottom and genitals were suitably at the very end of the table for the next procedures. An inflatable vibrating butt plug was now fitted and stretched much wider.  Electrodes were now fixed to my inner thighs and a small charge applied. Electrodes were connected to my cock and charges sent through. All very pleasurable. Dr Stewart decided that I should have more charge applied and eventually I was at full power, taking continuous power and alternating with pulse power. She was pleased with the results and we decided that at the next treatment session a more intense electro stimulator would be used which gives a much higher shocking. Dr Stewart changed the pads on my cock and put on a metallic glove and massaged my genitals. As the glove made contact, I felt what seemed like hundreds of pin pricks. I loved every minute of this torment as it was stimulating me massively. Then to the sperm sample. This was achieved after a thorough massaging of my cock with a vibrator on high power. The orgasm came and Dr Stewart kept the vibrator on for a time after ejaculation to ensure a full emptying of my balls and prostate. This was a treatment session that gave excellent results throughout and has hopefully, for the short term, helped with the problem.