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Contacting a mistress for the first time can be daunting, and it might take a little time to work up to it.  But, sending a text or using social media to say “hi” is not going to elicit a response and then instigate a game of messaging ping-pong – it’s more likely to rattle my cage; so let me make it easy for you.

First time contact should be either by phone or email.

Please ring me between 9.30am and  5.00pm Monday to Friday – these are my “office hours”. You can leave a message, but I will not contact you unless I access your message on the day that you leave it, so you will have to contact me again. I have no idea what your personal circumstances are, so for me to send a text or return a call out of the blue is a definite no-no!

At weekends, I will usually only take calls from clients who are visiting me on those days.

Please also understand that I do not answer withheld numbers – ever!

If you contact me late at night by phone or text, you run the risk of me not taking any calls or texts from you in the future – you wouldn’t contact your doctor, dentist or optician at an unreasonable time, would you?

Email is my preferred way of you making contact, and I will usually reply within 48 hours. You are welcome to give me as much detail about yourself as you like, and ask any questions that you might have.

Whether you have made initial contact by phone or e-mail, once you have made a first visit, I will be happy to arrange further bookings by text if you prefer this to email or by a phone call.

Now that you know how to make the best approach, please bear in mind that I do not bite, but I might lock horns!