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P, like many, had not been able to visit for a few months, so here is what he had to say when we “hooked up” last week.

As usual it was a very warm greeting from Mistress Victoria and her maid Cynthia. I was offered a pre session drink which I declined not wanting to have to use the loo half way through the session.

I was told to strip and electric pads were taped into place on my nipples and backside I was then dressed in a rubber suit. My private parts were expertly bound by Mistress Victoria. I was told to follow maid Cynthia upstairs to the front bedroom.

The first thing I noticed was a very strong well made dining chair. This was attached to a hoist by some very strong ropes at four anchor points on the chair. Maid Cynthia fitted me with knee length black stilleto boots. Difficult to stand in. She then fitted me with audio ear plugs and taped them securely in place.

Mistress Victoria then arrived and told me to sit in the chair with my arms on the arm rests. Mistress then wrapped black shrink wrap from my fingers to my elbows securing both my arms to the chair. Maid Cynthia then put a very nice pattern of rope on top of the shrink wrap just to ensure that no amount of struggling would loosen the shrink wrap. Next shrink wrap was put on my upper body and arms to hold me securely to the back of the chair this was topped off with more rope to hold me upright. Black shrink wrap was again used to hold my booted legs together the same treatment was given to my thighs. Rope was then used to secure my ankles firmly to the chair, the same treatment was given to the area just above my knees securing them to the chair also. I really couldn’t move I became part of the chair.

Mistress then produced a gas mask. This was expertly fitted. A hose was attached to the gas mask. Eye covers were then fitted to the mask. I was in total darkness. I sat unable to move. Then white noise was pumped into the ear phones blocking out any other sound. I then felt a gentle pulsing on my nipples and backside. This was gradually increased to an irritating level. I was left like that for 5 minutes or so then I felt the first pull of the hoist gently at first then pulling me off the ground I was swaying and twisting it was the strangest feeling unable to control any movement of the chair.

The pulse on my nipples and backside was increased to make me try to move. I just caused myself to sway uncontrollably. I felt pads being attached to my cock and balls. Then a gentle pulse was passing through my private parts. I now had to deal with electric shocks at 3 points. I was made to twist and sway by my captors. Then something was attached to the hose on the gas mask it was the filter with poppers in it. This was some welcome relief. However the electric points were turned up and I was forced to sway again. It was an unbelievable feeling with your senses taken away and the electric points keeping you on your toes. More poppers and a further increase in electric shocks. I was left hanging in the chair. I found myself beginning to struggle. I didn’t know if I’d been left alone or not. More poppers and a further increase in electrics. This was becoming challenging. More poppers and another increase in the 3 power points. This was now making me moan and twist. Then I felt the throbbing of the magic wand against my cock. I wanted to orgasm but the stabbing of the electrics on my cock was against me. Finally the vibrator won and I exploded.

This was an amazing end to a fantastic session. Two people who definitely know the ropes. The lack of movement and the removal of senses. I cannot speak highly enough of Mistress Victoria and Maid Cynthia. A fantastic session. Thank you once again.