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I am hugely appreciative of all the lovely e-mails, texts and phone calls I have received in the last few weeks. In this time of uncertainty for us all, it’s so evident that thought for others, caring and kindness are abundant – thank you. It’s reassuring to know that generally you are well and managing the strangeness of situation that we are facing.

Naturally, social distancing in my line of work is very difficult to achieve! So, until the picture is a little clearer and the advice more definite, I shall continue to stay at home, which I expect to do until probably towards the end of May. I hope that then, those of you who wish to session will be in touch, but please sensibly consider your own position on this.

When your time is right to visit, I shall so enjoy the fastening of a cuff, the tightening of a rope, the swish of a cane and the reddening of a bottom!

Meanwhile, I send love to you all and hope that you will stay safe and well and of course, continue to keep in touch!