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Our health is one of the most precious gifts we possess, and I have no wish to play down Covid 19 and those that it will affect, whether ill themselves or a member of their family contracting the disease.

But, I just wanted to let you know that I am adopting a “business as usual” tack, until circumstances dictate otherwise, so will be delighted to see those that wish to visit, whether for a session, hire of the Dungeon, or even just for a cuppa. You are all welcome, and there will be no issue should you change your mind once you have booked, or become unwell. Just be sensible!

I am mindful that some of my clients are “golden oldies” and may feel the need to self- isolate or perhaps feel guilty visiting. Although I don’t offer Skype, phone or e-mail domination, I will be happy to chat, if you feel you’d like to ring. This does not mean that if you are over 70 you can’t visit – you know how I love to see all my clients!

So whoever you are, however these strange times might be affecting you and your welfare, just remember – a little bit of what you fancy does a world of good!!

With love to you for all that you are to me –

MV, Mistress, Victoria, Vicki, Vic, V (whatever I am to you!)   xx