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D came to visit last week – this is what he had to say about our time together.

“I’m an experienced slave, and have visited Mistress Victoria previously.  It had been too long since my last visit, but I recently got the chance to return.  It’s fair to say that I was itching to get back in to “sub space”.

What a wonderful few hours we had together.  I was collared, shackled, locked in a chastity device, whipped, caned and much, much more.  These details don’t matter as they simply reflect my interests.

What does matter is the wonderful person I served.  Mistress Victoria is living proof that a truly Dominant Woman can also be kind, caring and understanding.  She listened carefully to my emotional as well as physical needs and then met them exactly, including adding her own delicious and slightly wicked spin.

Don’t mistake my mention of her kindness with any lack of intent.  I left with my backside red and striped, having been well and truly thrashed, as well as with the sorest of nipples.  More importantly I left refreshed and energised, and so glad of the experience.

Thank you, Mistress.  xx”