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Mr T and I have spent some lovely “times” together – and this is what he has to say.

I have been visiting Mistress Victoria for a number of years now we believe up to 7!

I have found Mistress to be, in short, a lovely lady who is warm welcoming and articulate and I for one consider her to be a very good friend.

She caters for a very wide range of kinks and fetishes and her premises are very well equipped. I would suggest anyone considering paying a visit to check out her Twitter page/site which provides a great deal of information over and above her website. I would add that the website contains a short film of Mistress setting out what she is about and is worth a look!

My personal taste is for CP which Mistress Victoria is only too willing to carry out and provides me with much excitement and exhilaration! Her Mistress and Headmistress incarnations are wonderful and WPC Stewart is something to behold! Each character has subtle differences which for me make it all worthwhile.

Sessions always begin with a cuppa and a chat and we move on to what we want to do and we agree on what room, equipment and implements are to be used. I would add that it pays to be honest over how your session proceeds. Take my last session for instance I found that I was going to struggle with her vaulting horse and Mistress was only too willing to change tack and we used something else.

When your session comes to its inevitable end there is time for another cuppa and chat or debrief. All in all a lovely Mistress willing to listen and do as much as she can for you to get the best out of your session and she is very exacting when “in role”!