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Many of my “gents” are older – but then I am too! Age brings so many gifts – hang ups are lessened, experience is consolidated and grumpiness is a natural state of mind! I love the poem “When I Grow Old I Shall Wear Purple” (maybe I ought to practice a little now?). But, I digress …..

K is not “old” – just older, and together we banish our “Monday Blues” when he comes to visit. Exploration is the name of the game, boundaries are pushed, but above all, we have FUN! Why should I worry about just for how long I will be able to totter about in my high heels, or how my laughter lines are turning to wrinkles, when bdsm can be enjoyed by those of us  for whom the flush of youth is but a distant memory?

As I often say to those “gents” who are tentative about visiting a mistress because they feel  age may be a barrier “why go to your grave not knowing?!”