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I have always hoped that my website gives enough information without being a minefield of “do’s and don’ts. I welcome the fact that people visit me because they are kinky. Kinky can, though doesn’t always, mean submissive.

If you are contacting me for the first time, please consider these points, as some approaches from potential visitors can leave me a little cold.

  • Phoning or sending a text in the middle of the night makes me think you are up to no good!
  • E-mails, texts or direct messages on twitter or Fetlife that just say “Hi” will not elicit a response.
  • If you send me a picture of your cock, I will not reply to your message.
  • I never make an appointment with a new client unless we have spoken on the phone. I am old fashioned in terms of communication. Chatting gives us each a “feel” for the other.
  • Whilst I am happy to communicate by e-mail prior to speaking on the phone, I do not exchange countless messages – you might be a time waster.
  • I certainly do not play text “ping pong” pre-session – texting is my least favourite means of communication but can be used to make contact once we have met.
  • If you tell me that you have no limits, I am likely to push you against a hot radiator, which will prove the opposite of what you have said.
  • Please respect the fact that I too, have limits as well as great respect for those I session with. I appreciate your respect in return.
  • I do not offer forced bi, hard sports or any sexual services.
  • I don’t bite, but if you push my buttons, I just might!