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I had agonised about contacting Mistress V for quite some time before I got up the nerve to do so. A lot of my nervousness was based on the fact that I am not into a lot of the things that I saw on her website and others, i.e. pain. I don’t like pain at all if I’m being honest, but what I did want was being dominated by a woman, preferably in leather, who would fulfil the innate desire I have to be submissive. This is something that I had never explored before, but I had thought about and fantasised about it for years.

I was extremely anxious as I approached her premises, which is located in a discrete place with easy, free parking. When I knocked at the door, I was admitted into a very cosy residence which has special rooms within. Mistress V was a vision in leather and boots and I must say that I felt my stomach flip over at the sight of her. I was somewhat comforted by the warmth and friendliness of her greeting, and in particular a lovely smile that really exhibits her personality to the full.

We had chatted about my likes and dislikes on the phone, and we did a little more of this after she had made me comfortable.

I left that first appointment in a daze, wondering if the whole thing had actually happened, but it had and I loved it. She had been very perceptive and intuitive in the session, which speaks to the fact that she is an extremely intelligent lady.

Since then I have had several more blissful sessions and Mistress V has made all my fantasies come true. She is, of course, completely in charge, but with me she caters to the more gentle side of domination. When I am with Mistress V, all of my worries and stress disappear. I focus only on her and all of the wonderful sensations that take place under her leather gloved hands. This makes me feel both lucky and really blessed. When I leave, I feel completely at ease with myself and it’s wonderful for me to be able to share my needs with Mistress V, who is completely accepting of me and is someone I trust implicitly with what is a secret to everyone else in my life.

I cannot wait until my next visit!