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Hi Mistress Victoria,

Well what can I say, a few hours later a bit of a drive and some food certainly calm the senses after such an experience. From the opening minutes I knew I had made a good choice on my guide into this unknown experience, your welcoming smile and demeanour and your clear apathy of what I was experiencing came through in spades. From the welcoming peck on the cheek to the good bye hug I felt nervous but at ease all at the same time.

The build up to this as you can imagine has been long in the making but swift when the choice was made and determination to follow through has paid off.

The session itself in some ways felt like a blink of the eye but lasting memories are coming back with every thought.  I’m really pleased your emphasis was in assuring my comfort along with my enjoyment and I felt there was a reciprocal feeling of that enjoyment. Your willing ness in not to rush the process was excellent along with your method of exploring me and my submissive side prodding and probing different avenues.

The more I think about it, the little things were off the scale, at the end your instructions to kiss your boots although slight a real finishing touch in my mind.

The level of excitement to pursue this side of me more will undoubtedly lead to more sessions although in the hope it doesn’t become to much of an addiction lol.

Once again I thank you for your impeccable level of professionalism combined with your understanding of a complete novice and I hope you enjoy the wine and I look forward to progressing further into my submissive self.

P x