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Some of you may be aware of the Digital Economy Act 2017, which includes revisions to the same Act of 2010. Parts of the new Act could have far reaching effects on people like me, as well as those who host our websites, in terms of the pornography aspect of the content on our sites. Whist we hope that persons under the age of 21 do not enter our “world”, it is right that everything should be done to prevent youngsters from accessing porn. The problem is that to most of us, the definition and interpretation of “porn” are  extremely diverse – one person’s understanding or explanation can be vastly different from another’s. The Government is, however, fairly specific.

After some consideration, it has been decided that my galleries will no longer include pictures that could be deemed pornographic. It’s a shame, because most of what has been previously published might merely be defined as simply kinky, and I have always hoped that the photos have a broad appeal. In addition, my twitter feed can no longer be followed through my site – so I shall have to blog more regularly!

I hope you will continue to enjoy the photos and blogs, and perhaps follow me on twitter (@ChesVictoria) – and of course, I will still take photos in session for your own use.

Finally, whilst I have no desire to play down what is quite rightly a serious issue, I couldn’t resist a light-hearted caption for this blog in the hope that you will read it!

With love

Mistress, MV, Vicky, Vic, V xxx