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‘Twas the night before Christmas

With light snow underfoot;

But Chambers were cosy

As our feet up, we put.

Wet stockings were hung

By the fire, to dry there;

My boots had been polished

With Cynth’s loving care.

We’d a glass of mulled wine

And a warm mince pie,

As we reflected on how

The year had flown by.

On those who had chosen

To pass through our door;

Embracing their kink

To submit and explore.

We hope you have relished

The time you’ve spent here,

And that you’ll return

To us sometime next year.

We’ve had so much fun

In different guises;

Through sessions we’ve planned

With some added surprises.

A few days we will take

To chill out and rest;

Then refreshed, we’ll return

To all we love best.

I send you my love

In this season of cheer –

Merry Christmas to all

And a happy new year!