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I think Toy has too much time on his hands – but his review is most welcome – thank you!

To potential punters; Many Dommes always begin their sessions with some CP. M Victoria gets to know each client prior to any CP. M Victoria does like wielding implements with her left hand but is not really interested in approaching Judicial. Your session will not automatically contain CP. Remember she is THE Bondage Queen so it is likely some restraint will keep you in your place for any activity. e.g if you seek CBT and have a reasonable 3 piece suite ready for action you may get a dose of the special stocks coupled with a good and very accurate ‘stroking’ with the thin tails of a short Willy Whip. With that stinging in the crotch and firmly held in place by them your reverse can be dealt with, i.e. reddened, “taking your mind off” the pain and candle that the chamber slave is preparing.  Whilst suffering that triple indignity NT or Nipple Play is another diversion that may be employed for MV’s pleasure and your further Pain.  My reproductive kit is insignificant so has to suffer the indignity of becoming exposed whilst we 3 sit drinking tea, and once my urinating has been dealt with the C&B Bondage goes in place pre-session making climbing the stairs awkward but thankfully  MV has not thought YET to run the cord down to toes (Oh there goes my big mouth again, thinking ideas due to my liking to dominate fem-subs).

There is no rush with your session. It will start in the appropriate room with one of the activities you have requested or 2 in tandem as indicated above, Your feedback by reactions is important to Mistress who will modify her actions to suit your mood and hers that day. Mistress will chose clothing guided by your likes provided it suits her mood, which it usually does, in my case at least! Do not expect her to wear Rubber if it is a warm day, though you may get the substitute of you being wrapped in it or cling film from head to toe to allow dastardly things to happen.

Mistress in public remarks has accused me of liking pain and expressed her amusement at this habit of often returning for more; truth is I enjoy the socialising along with the organic and spontaneous development of the sessions. Presumably thinking it appropriate MV has toned down the applied levels in recent sessions but increased the range and duration of activities. That is sensible and responsible BDSM demonstrating Mistress Victoria being a TRULY Professional Dominatrix! Beware of her very effective additional resource: Cynthia, Chamber Maid.