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I have now had the great pleasure of serving Mistress Victoria on two occasions.  The first was a delicious introduction of two hours; the second a truly memorable four hours plus.  I really hope these times will simply mark the start of a long-lasting D/s journey.

I have already been fortunate enough to be subject to a whole range of training methods.  Collar and lead, CP, obedience training, nipple clamps, cock cage and much more besides.

From being confined securely in straightjacket, reflecting on my good fortune to be all too briefly enslaved to such a wonderful woman, to being restrained on the whipping bench awaiting the imprint of my Mistress’s marks, to worshipping her feet to show gratitude for my punishment – every second has been magical.

I could go on but just as special has been the quality of communication, the willingness to listen and the empathy and respect Mistress Victoria has shown at all times.

Don’t mistake this for any lack of dominance – for Mistress Victoria’s authority was absolute as I had wanted it to be.  But I know from experience that these qualities of care and understanding can be hard to find and they have helped me to savour every moment of the build up to our time together as well as the session itself.

So I’d like to say a great big “Thank You, Mistress” for the memories I already have from the time spent in servitude to you.  I can only hope you grant me many more such occasions in future.