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‘Twas the night before Christmas

And dark across town,

As Mistress and Cynth

With a brew, settled down.

By the flickering firelight

They sat on the floor,

And chatted about

The year gone before.

Old friends were welcomed –

To new heights they rose;

Newbies and Hirers

Tried dipping their toes.

As the year closes

It’s time for a break;

After which I’ll return

My pleasures to take.

In the spirit of Christmas

I send you my “best”,

And hope you’ll continue

Your limits to test.

You willingly let

Me practice my art

In so many ways  –

Sincere thanks  – from my heart.

To those who’ve not yet

Had chance to explore;

Just pay us a visit

And see what’s in store.

But, heed and be warned

As you pass through my door –

Remember – be careful

Just what you wish for!