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A note from me: it has to be said that Cynthia is always included in R’s sessions, so I can’t take ALL the credit …..!

There is Mistress Miranda of West London who calls herself: “The Bondage Mistress” she is an accomplished Mistress with Chambers which are a treasure Trove of  BDSM equipment where I have enjoyed many hours of our chosen pastime! However the Bondage content of my subjugation has been low and short term.

I have now, recently, had the great pleasure of submitting myself to Mistress Victoria. I would say that she is THE Bondage Mistress, certainly of the Cheshire and surrounding areas. Although not so well equipped with larger pieces of Kit nor space, Mistress Victoria has in my 30-40years experience the most extensive range of  Bondage Kit, rope and leather straps etc. With these  she is expert in using to great effect, making me become part of the inanimate equipment in the chambers despite my fulsome and tall body form, e.g. 19” neck. One’s submission does not stop with being Tightly Bound; but in that state, irresistible Torment begins: – crushing NT, Electrified CBT, Pin Wheels, Hot Wax, Ice/Water, the Crop or many tailed stinging  Whips/Floggers, Tickling (excruciating whilst in that state), defoliation by coarse sand-paper.  MV likes to view her handiwork so a long period of  anguish has to be endured wanting to sooth the sensations of Torment  or needing to urinate or to finish ejaculating which up till then is only cerebral ! Whilst Mistress sits quietly viewing or pops out for a ciggie?

MV thinks and acts Organically and Inventively; she is not frightened to try a scene not used nor proven previously, if it does not work out well she thinks, modifies and tries again for there is bdsm amusement to be had in that process. Prior to applying anything new (i.e. fresh) Mistress does check that it has consensual approval but without in any way asking permission. The iteractive process can get a bit hard on e.g. the Nipples and Balls when some attachment seems about to fall off so that jaws must be tightened whilst still in place but next slight slip, removed and re-attached 90 degrees to original placement. Chastity is usually ensured in session by very tight Bondage around C&Bs with thin cord that bites enough to be painful during/after removal.

Mistress is not an out and out Sadist but sufficiently so, for me anyway, she reads and reacts to one’s involuntary feedback very well but does not need spoken feedback. We have agreed  a ‘safe word’ being” traffic lights” 3part  though I have added Green so as to say I am liking this please develop/ prolong!

CP does form part of a session but at a level that the sub’s demeanour indicates is within his limits. I have experienced some fairly heavy flogging on my back and am thus sure that a good ‘seeing to’ can be had by those requiring such attention. I have asked for my mild limits to be stretched then moved forward until I like CP. An unhurried session ‘finishes’ with relaxation/chat over tea, MV enjoying the view of her sub sitting in front of her throne still naked barring ropes or bonds and pegs or clamps and possibly that genital cord.

I find the whole process with Mistress Victoria from booking until release to the vanilla World full of fun and addictive: I have indicated that a regular fortnightly attendance by R her ‘Toy’ may be expected if suitable for Mistress and her TV Sub Cynthia who assists as a Rigger by agreement. Sinthea as I call her is very convincing in her adopted gender and I would thus like to show that at 66 I can still ‘pull’ a good looking filly by taking her to dinner in her short PVC skirt and knee boots.

The Mistress herself has always been welcoming to the extent of implying her day’s wish has been granted by my arrival; One is treated as an equal. Though of course I know my place, and I have now been awarded the title of  “Toy” as a playful indication that my function is to please Mistress whilst enjoying myself at Her hands, feet, teeth and her attendant TV (submissive with a Dominant and sadistic streak). Whilst arranging a meeting I am asked what Mistress should wear to set a good atmosphere from the start. Only once has my request for Boots not been met from her opening of the door. I can see that it will be many months or even years before I have experienced all MV’s kit and experience. After 4/5 visits, I have yet to be introduced to all her chambers!