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This was my first ever session seeing a Mistress so naturally I was fairly nervous as I entered Mistress Victoria’s chambers. My nerves were less than they might have been though, due to an introductory telephone conversation I had with Mistress at the time I made the (90 minute) booking a few weeks previous, and also the preliminary chat we had prior to  the session on the day itself. Nevertheless, my heart was still racing when the session commenced. From the outset it was clear that although Mistress was going to put me to the test with the various activities I had put on my list of interests (and some I hadn’t), an integral part of the session was the fun element. For the session to work as well as we would both like, it was important that we both had fun. I know I did, and I like to think Mistress Victoria did too.

The session started with my hands being cuffed up to a horizontal bar above my head while a leg spreader type bar was attached to my ankles. Being totally naked and very vulnerable, I was now totally at Mistress’s mercy. However, the first task – if I can call it a task – was to kiss Mistress all over her shoulders and around her neck. I have to say I found this really exciting as Mistress Victoria is gorgeous and I could quite easily have spent the whole 90 minutes on body worship. This then eased into some tie and tease, with me blindfolded. Mistress really does have a soft sensual touch in many ways and not only with her hands. When I was being caressed around my thighs I could have sworn it was Mistress’s gloved hand, but no. When my blindfold was removed it was actually Mistress’s thigh against mine. Needless to say I was very aroused by this time – Body Worship and Tie and Tease really does the trick for me in this respect, we have now established! To be truthful, I have to say that I stayed in an aroused state for pretty much all of the 90 mins, the session was so exciting.

After these more sensual tasks we moved on to foot worship, CP involving many various implements, and a little CBT. I was pleased with myself that I did not ‘wimp out’ on any of the activities and took the pain, along with the pleasure, as I should. I suspect though, that as I am a novice at this, Mistress was only administering the punishment at a beginner’s level and could have cranked up the intensity if required. No doubt, I will find out next time!

Mistress also included a number of other activities in my beginner’s session. These included bondage, sensory deprivation, electrics, anal play and a little humiliation at the end when Mistress first got me so aroused again using a big vibrator type instrument around my genitals. She then instructed me to masturbate to bring myself to orgasm while Mistress closely watched. I never gave it a second thought. I was so in the zone I was just happy to do all that Mistress Victoria asked. At the end Mistress asked me if I was spent. I said yes, well spent as I thought I had cum a lot. Mistress replied that it was only a ‘teaspoonful’ and that men always exaggerate. This made me laugh. Mistress kindly helped me clean up with a number of tissues. Come to think of it, I used quite a lot of tissues in cleaning up so maybe it was more than a teaspoonful! Either way, we both had a laugh about it. As I said at the start – the sessions are meant to be fun.

After a shower, I then said a fond farewell to Mistress Victoria. Sadly I had to politely decline the offer of a post-session drink/chat as I had to go to a business/leisure appointment later that afternoon. I found Mistress Victoria a lovely, warm, engaging person and next time we meet I will definitely take up the offer of a drink/chat. This too will be fun I imagine.

It’s difficult to say when I will meet Mistress Victoria again as I am not in the Cheshire area that often. Next time I am though, I will definitely be making another appointment so we can continue the fun (along with the pain and the pleasure!)