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What an amazing session I just had with Mistress Victoria of Cheshire! I had quite a few sessions with her already, and each session is better than the last one.  This time, I opted for a 2 hour session.

Mistress Victoria decided to do some things we’d never done together before.

Firstly I was bound within a strait jacket, then put into a box with just my head sticking out of the top.  Mistress’s worn tights were stuffed into my mouth.

After a while, I was let out of the box and tied to a stirrup bench then given CBT and NT.

I was then put into the vac bed.  This just has to be experienced, especially if you love secure bondage, as I do.

After the vac bed, I was cling filmed very securely to a bondage table then blind folded and ear muffed.  Once again, this was an incredibly awesome experience.

The session also included cigarette torture (which left no marks), electrics, pegs and high heel torture, as well as foot worship, which I really love.

This session was my best ever, and I am really looking forward to the next one.

Mistress Victoria is a professional Mistress of the highest echelon, and I totally recommend that you book a session with her in her well equipped and spotlessly clean Cheshire Dungeon

Thank you Mistress Victoria