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N enjoys medical role play, together with a very vivid imagination! He always has a great ideas for a session, and I am, of course always extremely happy to oblige!  This is what he had to say about his last visit to Clinic.

After visiting my private GP with erection and ejaculation problems it was decided that another visit to Dr Stewart in her private clinic was required. They had discussed treatments that may benefit my problems via email. I was booked in and on the day I was nervous, as usual, as I knew that some treatments could be painful. I arrived at the clinic on time and Dr Stewart  told me to undress completely for a full body assessment.I was instructed to stand in front of her with legs wide apart and my hands on my head. She ran her hands over me to check slight sensitivity and to check my genitalia. I was then told to kneel on the special bench with my legs apart and stretching out. A rope was tied tightly around my balls and cock so that she could pull them back to see reactions as a leather strap lashed across my buttocks. I was given 6 strokes to test for sensitivity. This seemed satisfactory as I flinched at each stroke. She was pleased with the result. Then I was given an internal examination to check my prostate, which proved to be retaining fluid. This, of course, would have to be emptied along with collected sperm in my balls. Anal temperature was taken with a wide device that helped stretch the anus. I was then instructed to get off the special bench and sit on the end with legs apart. I was not to touch any part of my genitals as she was now in full control of obtaining a specimen of sperm. I was told this may be one of several on that visit. She rolled back my foreskin to expose a very sensitive head and rolled her fingers over the exposed tip. I was told that my specimen would be obtained and she switched on the orgasmatron vibrator and began applying it’s buzzing head to my exposed penile head. Within a minute or so I began to undergo a massive orgasm and the juices poured out into her gloved hand. Some of this was then put into my mouth to keep the testosterone levels at a reasonable level so furthur test could be carried out. I was then led to the cold chamber in the cellar which had been deliberately kept cold for sensitivity tests. I was laid on the rack and secured in the freezing cold whilst Dr Stewart went to get her testing equipment. On her return she applied hot and cold water poultices to my genitals. This was done several times to see the effect. It was very useful to test sensitivity and obtained good results. Once released I was then led to an upper treatment room where I was to undergo part suspension by my ankles. However on arrival in the treatment room Dr Stewart took a decision to halt the treatment as I was showing that my physical capabilities were not so good on that day. I was to be ejaculated again under part suspension.Another appointment will be made in the near future to assess this treatment and to apply furthur tests in an attempt to allieviate the various problems.