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Well hello everyone. Slave I here. Just reporting in again to tell you about my last session with Ms. Victoria….
I really don’t know how she always manages to go one step further during each session we have together … Always willing to do something new with me, maybe that’s why I cannot ever give these sessions up.
It was a few weeks ago that I had booked in and when I arrived I noticed that Ms had laid out all of her new thrashing tools, all wooden and frightening to look at…. This surely is not for me I asked myself but it was not long before Ms had commanded me to strip and kneel in front of her. She then pulled by balls back through my legs and proceeded to put them very tightly in one of her new humblers. Oh my god did I feel vulnerable… Yes of course I did.
She left the room and returned a few moments later with a tray full of clothes pegs, there must have been hundreds. Surely she isn’t planning to attach those to my balls whilst they are in the jaws of the wooden humbler… Correct of course she was  !!! She put many many on them on my balls and within just a few moments I could feel the pain getting higher and more intense. Then to make matters even worse she applied some very strong chilly sauce on my now very purple sack. Oh my god it was surprisingly good to be in this position, knowing that maybe one day she will put the pics on her website for all to see.
Then it was time for the thrashing of my backside with all the new toys she had acquired recently.
10 !!!20 !!!30 !!!40 !!!50 !!!!
She then took off the humbler and proceeded to kick me hard in the balls from behind with the pegs still in place, one by one they were kicked loose and I have to say the pain was the highest I have ever experienced.
Just can’t wait till my next session!

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