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As usual, I was very nervous at attending for my referral instructed¬†by my doctor. I was told to attend for treatment which could involve anything to sort out my sexual problems. I was instructed to undress to my underpants and await Dr Stewart. It wasn’t long before she called me into the treatment room and removed my underpants. I had visited before for treatment and knew that this was not the kind of treatment available on the NHS and very specialised. I was fitted with a posture collar to aid my concentration ahead of me and not easily looking down.I was allowed to watch the proceedure in a mirror. My arms were secured at the wrist and then connected to a hoist that raised them high above my head. I was instructed to part my legs so that the Dr could attach suitable rope to my testicles for weights to be added. This concentrated my mind on the treatment. Suitable peg clamps were attached to my scrotum for added discomfort. These were twisted and pulled off one at a time.

After that treatment I was taken to treatment room 2 and was secured in a testicle pillory. This fitted tightly and my testicles and penis were secured. My wrists were secured at the side of the pillory to ensure restricted movement so that electro therapy could be applied to the genitals. This was gradually turned up to a medium tingle so that I could answer sexual questions from the Dr. This gave an insight to her over my sexual deviations and intimate encounters with both males and females. I was then put onto the gynae examination couch for internal anal examination and the application of a beaded rod. This was pushed in and out to get anal relaxation. after which my foreskin was fully retracted to expose the very sensitive head and the Wertburgh wheel was run over it with menacingly painful pleasure of the Dr. Finally a vibrator was applied to the penis and testicles to get a good sperm sample. The Dr had achieved a good response and cured my need for masturbation for 10 full days.

Sadly I think I will need further treatment as the effects are wearing off and I feel the need to masturbate again. I know that the next referral to her may involve whipping or caning to correct my ways.

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