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Well it’s been a while since I last sessioned with Ms Victoria and Cynthia but how they keep getting more sadistic is beyond me.
I was stupid enough to fetch with me a large bag of hot spring flowers( some people call them nettles) which mistress was extremely pleased to receive.
We started off with Mistress instructing me to attach my ball stretching weight to my balls, I did this quickly and it wasn’t long before Ms V attached her red cord to it and was tugging and applying many weights to it. OMG I thought my balls were about to pop. Then came the flowers… What followed was simply agonising pain to my C&b’s, MS used the nettles, ball whip, harsh pin wheel, and finally heavy electrics.
We took a break for a few minutes and Ms said to Cynthia ‘go and put the kettle on’ well I thought how nice to have a quick coffee 20 mins into our session. How wrong could I have been.
Obviously this was preplanned by the Sadistic couple. A few minutes later Cynthia returned with a cup of very hot water and a bag of ice… ??? What happened next was so amazing I almost passed out with pleasure. Ms applied the ice to my cock and balls for a few seconds and then suddenly poured some very hot water on them… She repeated this many times hot cold hot cold… Fellow slaves I strongly recommend this practice … It’s awesome. (Not boiling but quite hot).
Ms then spent 20 minutes or so thrashing my bum with many different implements till I had many many red lines deep into my flesh.
Finally she had me remain in the hands and knees position on the floor where she gave me ten heavy kicks to my poor poor c&b’s.
Can’t wait for my next session …..

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