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What happened to good old “Red Ink” corrections, “See Me” in 2” high scribble,” To what am I referring? Green Ink, Yes Green Ink.

Mistress Victoria has taken to using Green Ink to amend my missives, I spend hour after hour dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s, I re-read,

I amend, I reconsider, “SEND” that’s it – no turning back. I hear nothing, then, with 36 hours to go an email giving me the option to change anything, but any amendment request had to be returned within the next 12 hours.

What was there to amend? For it was perfect, written in “Word” plus a detailed Excel schedule. I’ve done it before and I’ve no doubt I’ll do it again – then the day arrived. I texted on arrival and received a “you may enter” – well that was it, my fault, one look at Mistress Victoria and I was back in Vanilla World. She has been such a tower of strength to me and could see that despite my listed pleas, I was not ready for immediate role-play, as I had requested in my missive.

Beneath the persona of Mistress Victoria is a kind, understanding, thoughtful, empathetic, intelligent Lady, for whom I have great respect and I would like to reassure those hesitant to book:-

Never been to a Mistress before?

Just pick-up your phone and dial. Ask her questions, tell her what you are thinking, as it helps her, which it turn helps you to have a good time. Rest assured she will put you at ease.

Been to a Mistress but never used a script?

You really ought to try it maybe:-

A schedule to ensure every one of your thoughts, listed, – NO! Mistress cannot in one session, nor be expected to fulfil all the requests you have made it your missive.

Not for you?

Fine, each to their own and the variations contained within Mistress Victoria’s Blog and Testimonials support this.

Finally for me? Well see Twitter and Mistress’s entry ……

“Your scripts, M are so detailed and I use such a lot of green pen to amend them – BUT, our sessions are so very, very enjoyable …. x”

Mistress not only do I concur, but I also confirm that from my position they are absolutely fantastic, you are brilliant. Here ends the mutual appreciation society comments.

A note from me:

No Green ink required for this one!!! x


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