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I couple of caring people have let me know that on more than one occasion, someone has “pinched” my identity for the purpose of financially exploiting submissives. As we all know, the internet allows a person to be anyone they wish to be, but posing dishonestly on the net is a trait that I abhor, particularly when it involves sucking people into a scam.

I have three websites – and   and you will also find me at and   There may be one or two other  directories that include my details – if you have any doubt about their authenticity, or the contact details don’t match my phone number or e-mail address (I have only one each of these), please do not pursue these avenues!

I have profiles on as CheshireVictoria and Cheshiredungeon  – but I am not on any other adult sites – so if you find profiles and pictures of me on any such sites, the details have been lifted and are being used by someone else and, to say the least, for their own ends.  Neither do I webcam, skype or do any form of phone domination. I am me – and do exactly as it says on the tin!