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The fetish slave is nervous  – it is my first visit to Mistress Victoria. The phone calls had been reassuring, encouraging even. The day had arrived – he phoned to confirm – clear directions were issued – on arrival he must phone again. Now exact directions to the Chambers.

The greeting from Mistress was very friendly. Mistress and slave chatted – areas of interest were discussed – limits agreed, areas of exploration outlined, the slave’s rubber and PVC clothing examined – the high rubber riding boots commented on favourably, as well as the PVC mac.

Mistress then took control – he was ordered to strip and dress in the rubber and PVC clothing. He was restrained – hands over his head and a double blindfold over his eyes. Mistress teased and taunted him as she changed her outfit; she was close to him and he could sense, but not see her. He heard the sound of the zip on her thigh boots and the clatter of her stiletto heels – Mistress was so close to him. A soft, silky gag was pushed into his mouth – could it be Mistress’s knickers? The blindfold was removed briefly – Mistress stood before him looking stunning in a black rubber corset and shiny thigh boots.

The session proceeded from one bondage scenario to another. Always, he was tightly restrained -sometimes rubber hooded – sometimes gagged with an inflatable gag – sometimes gagged and hooded. He experienced electrics, nipple clamps and other surprises. Only a small percentage of Mistress Victoria’s fantastic range of equipment was used in the session. He was introduced to anal play before the session reached its and his climax.

A wonderfully inventive Mistress, with a superb sense of humour. Mistress Victoria was so theatrical and created brilliant imagery. No rush to finish or clock watching and time for a shower afterwards. This was for the slave, an unforgettable experience.







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