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Thank you, P, for putting your most recent experience into words …….

Mistress Victoria answered the phone! “Come in through the back door, lock it behind you and strip. When you are naked tap on the connecting door “.
I crossed the road into the yard and locked the gate behind me, the back door was open, I entered and locked the door behind me, the room was in total darkness. I fumbled around managing to put my clothes in a tidy pile. When I was satisfied, I knocked on the adjoining door. “Enter” I opened the door there was my Mistress with her maid Cynthia, “go to the whipping bench an spread your legs”! I did as I was told, soon mistress was inserting some type of plug into my rear, I was then handed a pair of rubber knickers to wear! “This is all you will wear today” Mistress said. I was led back into her chambers and instructed to sit on the wooden chair opposite her throne. Maid Cynthia soon went to work with the ropes. My arms were tied to the side of the chair, at the wrists and elbows. My legs were pushed to the outside of the chair legs and fastened securely with rope. My knees were given the same treatment, my movement became less and less.
A spandex hood was then pulled over my head and zipped into position. Duct tape was then wrapped around my head over my eyes I couldn’t see anything then a large ball gag was forced into my mouth and buckled into position. Ropes were then passed around me holding me firm to the chair. I then felt my nipples being teased this could mean only one thing. They were clamped quickly. The ends tied to my body bondage so if I moved they would pull. I was helpless and Mistress Victoria told me so !,, I heard a faint rustling and a plastic bag was pulled over my head . Poppers!!! ” are you getting a good hit? ” Mistress asked I could only nod my head. I felt myself drifting when the bag was removed. Mistress told me I had to stay there in the chair while they went to prepare the next part of the session. Again the bag was placed over my head and tied tightly around my neck I was drifting and helpless as they left me. I tried in vain to free myself!, but their ropework was far too good.
I heard the sound of heels coming down the stairs then silence !!
The poppers bag was placed tightly over my head, but still silence. I was drifting with the fumes when they started to untie me. Making sure I was too drugged to struggle. The ropes, hood and blindfold were removed, the gag was left in place. The rubber knickers were then removed and I was ordered to go into the front room upstairs and wait.
It wasn’t long before Mistress Victoria and maid Cynthia joined me. The gag was removed and the spandex hood was re fitted.
I was then cling filmed from head to toe standing with my arms still free.
I was then backed up to a vertical wooden board and cling filmed again this time my arms by my side I could not move and the board held me vertically upright.
Mistress then lifted the hood and inserted earphones. Securing them there with tape she repositioned the hood. A gas mask was fitted next and the eyes blacked out with tape.
A noise like running water was then played into my headphones blocking out any other noise. A pair of ear defenders were then placed over my ears ensuring I was deaf. The filter to the gas mask was screwed on poppers had been placed in the filter..I was deaf,blind and drifting an amazing feeling! That was not the end though. I felt myself being hoisted off the ground as I went higher I was beginning to sway. Once off the ground I began to feel a pulse in my backside that became stronger and stronger. I had no way to relieve this as I swayed with the “white” noise in my ears and the poppers doing there work. Stronger and stronger the anal pulses became. Driving me mad!!
A vibrator was then applied to my cock area. I cannot describe the feeling not knowing which area to concentrate on. A fresh dose of poppers in the filter and I began to drift.
I felt the cling film being removed around my cock and balls. A sudden rush of cold air as they were released from the cling film.
I felt some kind of binding being wrapped around my cock. Then it began. Gently throbbing at first then into a stabbing feeling.. Mistress Victoria had applied the electrics to my cock.
Now the anal electrics were turned up plus the ones on my cock. This along with a fresh dose of poppers and the noise in my ears. I then felt myself swaying, continually being pushed. This was now mind blowing. Cling filmed so tightly I could not move. After a while the front and rear electrics stopped and I felt the cock band being removed. Fresh poppers were then put into the filter I was motionless for a while but drifting.
The vibrated was being moved up an down my shaft which was also being gently massaged whoever was doing this knew what they were doing a slow agonizing fight against orgasm. There was only one winner. I exploded into a fantastic orgasm. When they were satisfied that I was spent they lowered me to the ground. I was carefully cut out of the cling film and the gas mask etc was removed. This was a mind blowing experience. I can’t wait for the next time.
Thank you Mistress Victoria and Maid Cynthia

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