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J is not, nor ever will be, a slave. He is however, kinky – proving that you can indeed be one without the other. He claims to be deaf and senile – he is neither – just VERY disobient. He has difficulty counting past three – this is usually the point at which he starts at one again – shouldn’t that be mistress’s prerogative? He is an octogenarian who is partial to Aldi champagne (as am I)! His “training” at home has not been entirely in vain and his knees can bend into a satisfactory curtsey without creaking. He knows how to open that bottle of bubbly and serve it in a coupe (that’s a saucer type vessel to most of you). He is the best possible fun and I love the times that we have together and would never, ever dream of trying to get one over on him – age does indeed have its advantages….. This is his favourite picture of me.- bless you J!!

Portrait (480x640)