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Well the appointed day and time arrived and a nervous knock was made on Miss Victoria’s door.
As ever a very welcoming and warm Miss Victoria invited me in and we sat down in a relaxed atmosphere over a cuppa to discuss the session and what I wanted to get out of it.
Being a devotee of serious CP and having a huge smoking fetish, Miss Victoria didn’t disappoint. I nervously explained my scenario of being caught spying on the headmistress as she smoked and masturbating furiously as I had a cigarette myself. I outlined how this would likely result in a swift caning, following by a OTK spanking, perhaps a diaper position strapping, certainly a long, hard tawsing and finally a judicial caning of twenty strokes.
Miss Victoria blew my mind as this is the best CP session I have ever experienced. I have been caned by Miss Victoria in the past but never with the severity of her judicial caning today. It hurt like hell but I was enjoying it but what’s more I could see Miss Victoria was enjoying delivering it much more which added to my enjoyment.
Miss Victoria took every facet of my scenario and worked it into our session. By now my balls were exploding but still I hadn’t cum. Headmistress reading the situation immediately dangled a freshly lit cigarette and instructed me to masturbate as she selected a two-tailed tawse and proceeded to thrash my already deep red, welted arse with great severity.
It was ecstasy and as I masturbated I called , “Harder Miss, harder!” Miss obliged with great enthusiasm and my arse was almost on fire. Finally as the tawse cut into my throbbing cheeks I came. WOW! And WOW! again. Fantastic from start to finish.
I should of course have remembered Miss Victoria’s experienced words of advice, “Just remember – be careful what you wish for!”
And how true those words were. I had received a thoroughly deserved and severe thrashing and my arse bears testimony to this. Miss Victoria took a photograph of her handy-work of which she will rightly be satisfied.
As for myself, I got everything and more out of the session. I am left on such a high with my endorphins popping everywhere and a very, very sore arse which is what I wanted.
If you’ve never been fortunate enough to have visited Miss Victoria then you don’t know what you are missing. This lady is fantastic, a thoroughly nice person pre-session but in scene a severe disciplinarian without exception.
Can’t wait to recover so I can visit this lovely lady once again. I am thinking of asking Miss Victoria for a 100 stroke severe tawsing on my next visit but then again and with hindsight and Miss Victoria’s words ringing in my mind…..perhaps I really ought to be careful what I wish for.
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