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I had a lovely time on Monday when I visited a friend at her house. After exchanging pleasantries,I asked where her subby husband was. “In his cage”, she answered, “Would you like to see him?” She led me to the main bedroom. I looked round but couldn’t see any sign of a cage. She then opened one of the wardrobe doors revealing the cage, ingeniously built into the bottom section of the double wardrobe. Inside, a naked figure looked out at the two women eyeing him with distain.

“Display!” his Mistress barked. He wriggled around in his rather cramped quarters to show his large erection. “Mmmm” I thought, “He’s obviously enjoying his confinement!” His Mistress opened the cage and he crawled out. She ordered him to put on an apron and told him to serve us refreshments in the living room and away he crawled … don’t you just love an obedient slave?

We retired to the living room, sat down and chatted. A few minutes later her sub entered with tea and freshly baked scones. He served us on his knees, pouring the tea and offering butter and jam to go with the scones before retiring into the corner. Knowing that her sub also loves scones, his Mistress teased him by feeding him tit bits like a pet dog. Delicious!

After half an hour or so we couldn’t resist teasing him further so we secured a spreader to his legs and a ball gag in his mouth and then watched in delight as he attempted to clear up crumbs that were scattered on the floor using a dustpan and brush. Bored with his antics we then secured him to the door in an upright position and blindfolded him.

I never leave the house without a few carefully selected playthings and we soon had electric bands secured around his cock. It seems he had been somewhat short with his Mistress the previous day (I love finding reasons to punish slaves) so we soon had the electrics ramped up until he was begging for forgiveness. Some treatment with my whip helped to reinforce the lesson and hopefully his attitude towards his Mistress will change in future.


I’d had a lovely afternoon, Slave MLeaving the poor sub secured to the door, I said my goodbyes to my friend. As I drove home, I couldn’t help wondering what the poor sub had in store for him……