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We went to visit Victoria on Valentine’s Day as a treat for myself and my partner. We researched places to visit and found this literally 15 mins away, which was perfect.We were both very excited for the visit, we had a suitable outfit for me (see picture). We have a dom sub relationship, myself (female) being the slave and my partner the master.

We had booked the dungeon for 2 hours –  we had spoken to mistress V before the visit and she went through various details which settled my nerves and reassured us.  When we arrived,we rang mistress and she spoke to the master only confirming some details and then I was led into the house.

I was greeted by a lady who was dressed casually, but who handcuffed and blindfolded me and made me wait in the kitchen while she showed my master the play rooms.  I waited patiently for them to come back.When my master returned the blindfold was taken off and I was led into the first of the 2 rooms.

I was very excited to see all the equipment but also felt very exposed as there were mirrors all around – which my master loved!!! He tied me to the wooden frame making sure my feet and arms were secure and  there was no escape.  I was then subjected to various spanking equipment which made my ass red, and then had the pin wheel traced all over my body. All the while I was blindfolded. Various torture was applied to me, and I had to say thank you master for every lashing I had. I forgotto count so they started again! Ouch!!!! I was then subjected to hot wax poured over my ass and tits which actually felt very nice.  I was then told to lie on the bench where I was strapped down and couldn’t move at all – I was forced to suck my master’s cock until I choked on it which gave him immense pleasure.

After an hour, and more whippings, I was taken into another room  with plenty more play equipment.  I was told it was nearly pleasure time as I had been a very good slave.I had various objects on and in me, butt plugs and wands but I wasn’t allowed to come, although I was very very wet and throbbing!!!!!! I could see my master and the precome was dripping from him. Finally I was told to lie on the bench which has stirrups and my master spread my legs and teased my throbbing pussy.  At this point my master put a hood on me and forced his cock in my mouth and down my throat. He then spread my legs and put his throbbing cock in me and told me to come on his cock. He made me wait, teasing me with the wand and butt plugs, till eventually I was allowed to come (several times) – finally squirting all over my master. He then turned my head to the side and held his cock hard in my mouth until his warm come was felt at the back of my throat.

We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and my master even said he wanted to come back tomorrow!


We will be booking again in the next few weeks and will probably have mistress with us next time to give us a domination session.We would tell anyone wanting to explore to use Mistress V, both she and Cynthia were more than accommodating, we were all very like minded and all sat and had a brew after, which topped everything off. We were made to feel very welcome. A very very very uplifting experience – cant wait for our next visit!!!!!!

Thank you Mistress V and Cynthia.

S and M

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