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A couple of months ago the wife asked what I wanted for my birthday, thinking she wouldn’t agree, I joked a trip to a dungeon. Fast forward, and I was surprised in two ways to find ourselves standing outside the Cheshire dungeon.
Both of us feeling a little nervous as this was our first visit to any dungeon, and the first time we took our play outside our home. Mistress victoria welcomed us with the warmest of smiles, and a cup tea. We felt so welcome our nerves some disappeared. We had a quick chat about our kinks, and then mistress Victoria showed us around, explaining how all the furiture and equipment works, answering any questions we had, mistress Victoria made a few pointers on what we may wish to used, but made it clear we were free to use anything we liked. We were then left alone to play.
The wife/mistress J enjoyed tieing me to the rack, and the benches, and torturing my nipples, as well punishing her bad slave with the various implements.
Once the wife/mistress J was satisfied that had served her well, we switch roles, as J didn’t want to miss out, so I returned bit of her own medicine.
The dungeon is well stocked with everything you can possibly think of. In fact as we were getting dress we were still finding things, and thinking we wished we used this and that.
We will definitly be returning again in future, and would recommend mistress Victoria and the cheshire dungeon to anyone wanting to explore their kinkier side.
Once again thank you more making us so welcome.
Mistress J and slave L.

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