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Yesterday I visited Mistress Victoria and Cynth for yet again another amazing BDSM session. As you may be aware I just love the CBT section of Mistresses Victoria’s vast array of expertise in this scene.

I was not disappointed in yet again another fantastic session that started with Mistress forcing me to stand behind her pillory stand. Cynth had rigged up a board so my cock & balls were pulled through the hole and then stretched with rope towards the mirror opposite. Ms for some reason was in a really harsh mood and spared me no mercy on my pathetic tackle – firstly smacking my balls with a wooden spoon till they were ready to explode – then my cock took many many hard strokes from Ms V who by this time was really enjoying things immensely. If you want Mistress to enjoy the session please just allow her a free rein. She has become the most severe Mistress have ever had the pleasure of sessioning with.

Now then where were we … what made this session all the more amazing was the fact that most of the things Ms and Cynth did I could see perfectly in the mirror opposite – OMG – amazing is the understatement of the decade.Ms then decides that she wants to crank things up even more and instructs me to get down on all fours where she then caned me so hard on both sides of my arse it almost drew blood, ouch ouch ouch. Then if that wasn’t enough pleasure for her own sadistic mind she now says ‘PREPARE TO BE BUSTED YOU PATHETIC WORM’ I almost passed out after about 20 heavy kicks to my very exposed balls that mustn’t have had a clue what day it was.

Listen fellow Slaves if you want a truly brutal session with a truly brutal mistress then just get in touch with Ms Victoria and her TV assistant Cynth (do not underestimate Cynth’s input either. She has a very wicked and cruel mind and has many many brilliant ideas for you to endure)

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