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Thank you so much for the wonderful session. I enjoyed it immensely. It’s almost as if you have some sort of intuition that picks up on my mood somehow, and you always manage to put together exactly the sort of session I need at the time. You also have an amazing talent for blending old favourites and new experiences together with absolute perfection. The new bench was excellent, giving a nice exposed position, and adding some wax play into the CP dice game was an interesting twist. I hadn’t tried the wall cross before, but it felt good to be so stretched, and it was a very vulnerable position for the electro-play, which I love, as you know. The cock and ball stocks are something that I was wasn’t too sure about the first time we used them, but I’ve found that I do rather like them, very restrictive, and leaving me nicely helpless. Which brings me to the CBT, which was amazing. I’m well aware that anything said to Mistress will be used against me in some form or other, but I mentioned certain things in my email as I was curious to see where you’d take them. Following those disclosures, I was expecting something, but wasn’t expecting you to end up taking a flogger and a crop to my cock and balls!! Painful yes, but pleasurable too, and what an amazing, exciting, sensation!! And as usual, you delivered deadly accurate, perfectly weighted strokes, giving me an unbelievable experience, and not a trace of marks or damage; amazing. Definitely something for the “explore further” list, along with pretty much everything else!! All in all, another incredible session.



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