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The Apprentice wannabes’ games last episode should have been called “Haven’t a Clue-Doh!” (thank you M for coming up with that)! Naturally, Cynthia was straight on to the task with a fun- for-all game, where the only outcome would be that Mistress would win …….

The “board” comprises the rooms in Chambers – the concept being that Mistress will take a lot of “kit” from around the rooms and place them in a heap. Then, with an imaginary wooden spoon, she will mix them all up.

saturday dungeon work 036 (640x480)

The challenger then sets about replacing each item – but first, each one has to be cleaned and repaired before being hung up precisely where it should be. It’s a clever cross between, Scrabble, Cluedo, Twister, Kim’s Game  and Kerplunk,with the Monopoly addition of collecting time penalties,drawing chance cards (such as wearing a hobble or blindfold) and buying up the most expensive pieces. Hours of low cost fun, and, as one Apprentice contestant pointed out – NOT ROCKET SURGERY!  Happy days ….

saturday dungeon work 040 (640x480).