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It was my first time meeting Mistress Victoria. What a pleasant surprise I got when I saw her – she had her thigh boots and rubber corset on and she looked fantastic. She was very warming to see – we had a cup of tea and a chat before we started . I was led upstairs and told to get undressed and wait, but not for long! She came in and dressed me in rubber, tied me up then blew smoke into my face and made me inhale – it was so good! I was then placed in a rubber sack and strapped to a bench where she did lots of things to me! She then took me into a second room for further punishment, after which she allowed me relief. The whole experience was really great for my first time and we had a good rapport throughout the session. I will certainly visit her again and would recommend anyone to see her!

2014-09-23 018 (640x624)