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This is a really daft idea! I tell you how good Mistress Victoria is, she then gets busier, I have increased difficulty getting an appointment. So instead I’ll advise you not to – only kidding Mistress.

Each of us to our own. I’m not going to expand on our session a) it’s private and b) what floats my boat may not float yours, however from what I’ve seen, read and experienced, Mistress Victoria can be a “One size fits all” and “does what it says on the tin!”

A plethora of equipment a wicked sense of humour, a joy of her sessions and you want to know what’s best – A Really Nice Lady, phone for an appointment tell her you’ve read my review and you know what they say “I’ll have what he’s having!” Now pick from her list and enjoy.

Thank you Mistress for giving me everything I needed.

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