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2014-02-02 009 (432x640)A World Class Mistress

Mistress Victoria of Cheshire provides a service that is truly world class.  I do not use the term ‘world class’ lightly.

I had my third session with Mistress Victoria today, and it was one of the best sessions I’ve ever had. I would only session with a Mistress more than once if the experience in the previous session was absolutely awesome. Mistress Victoria’s chambers are a drive of over 90 minutes from where I live.  I have alway had the opinion that it is best to travel to see a top class Mistress than session more locally and accept second best.  As I drove from home, I was tingling all over with excitement, because I knew I was in for a real treat.

When Mistress Victoria opened the door to welcome me, I was greeted by her exquisitely beautiful smiling face, and it was impossible not to notice her fantastic figure, the sexiest legs in the world and her beautiful feet.

I also had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Mistress Victoria’s maid Cynthia, who proved to be something of a bondage expert.  Thank you Cynthia, for helping to make the session even better.

Mistress had the printed details of my session preferences in front of her, which I thought was really professional.  Have you ever sessioned with a Mistress who has forgotten your likes and your hard limits?  That will never happen with Mistress Victoria because she leaves nothing to chance.

We had a pre session chat over a cup of tea, and I knew that anything I said would be seized upon and used against me.  I was right

Mistress dressed me in a corset and stockings etc., then sat next to me and allowed me to worship her feet, which I really enjoyed, then she got out a pack of cards and told me to guess whether each card was red or black.  Each wrong guess earned me the same number of punishment strokes as the value of the card, so it was a game I stood no chance of winning, and I ended up earning 90 strokes.  Various implements were used to deliver the strokes.

I had asked Mistress Victoria to push my limits without using a safeword.  This is very difficult to accomplish, but Mistress managed it to absolute perfection while delivering the 90 strokes.

I was then taken upstairs to one of the dungeon rooms where the session proceeded.  For me, the best parts of the session were when I was able to look at Mistress Victoria’s beautiful face while she was using pegs, electrics, etc., on me.  There is something about Mistress Victoria’s face that really turns me on and makes the session thoroughly enjoyable.

The session was supposed to be for an hour but lasted longer.  Mistress Victoria is more keen on delivering and enjoying a fantastic session than she is on looking at the clock.

I haven’t mentioned everything we did in the session because your tastes might be different to mine.

What I can say is that if you want an amazing session with a world class Mistress who prepares for your session with thoroughness and absolute professionalism, you must session with Mistress Victoria of Cheshire.  The icing on the cake is that, outside of the session, she is one of the loveliest people I have ever met.  i always leave with the feeling that I have been genuinely honoured and privileged to have been in Mistress Victoria’s presence.  My next session can’t come soon enough.