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With the usual nerves, I made contact with Sr Vic at her clinic. I was able to empty my bladder before the assessment was commenced and the treatment took place.I was there for erection and ejaculation treatments. I was told to wait in the reception room for Sr Vic and wait for my name to be called. Within a few minutes I was called in for assessment to the clinic.Sister Stewart had all my notes from my GP and carefully ran through them, questioning me about various things procedures, I have experienced previously in alternative BDSM  therapy.

I was then told to undress completely and put my hands on my head and open my legs.I was instructed to look up at the ceiling and not look at Sister or at what she was doing. Her hands checked over my body and quickly moved down to my balls, where they 2014-01-16 006 (480x640)gripped tightly. I had to cough 3 times for this assessment. My hands and legs were fitted with cuffs for restraint purposes and a collar fitted to my neck. This had a lead attached and I was taken for my first treatment.My pulse and heart were checked.I was at this time quite nervous as it was my first visit to this clinic.

In the reception area was a special whipping stool and I was told to kneel on it. nipple clamps were attached and I bent over the stool to be secured by my wrists and ankles. This was the first of several treatments and began with 20 strokes of a paddle. Each stroke had to be counted by me and an assessment at first was made of the pain inflicted. This was from 1-10 and I felt 7 was about my limit. I had to count each stroke and thank Sr for it. I was given just 20 and I felt quite sore as the 7 had increased to 10 very quickly but there was to be no let up in the amount to be administered. Then I was given 5 with a strap, counting and thanking for each one. These really did smart. Sr then checked, with her hand how hot my buttocks had become. She was happy with the result. I then underwent an internal examination and an electrode plug inserted. I was told this was to assess me for anal treatments.
I was released from the stool and told to go up stairs to the clinic room and wait. Sr was soon in attendance with her clipboard, checking suggested treatment from my GP referral. I was told to get on the gynae inspection table and put my legs in the stirrups. I was secured at my legs and arms for the next procedures to commence. These were to be recorded for training purposes.My blood pressure, pulse and chest were checked with a stethoscope again.
My balls were clamped and the plug inserted into my backside was connected to an electro box where I got steady painful electro stimulus.. I was blindfolded so that the photo record could be commenced. This was done and a vibrating anal plug was then fitted. I was also put on the receiving end of a vibrator and my foreskin pulled back for maximum sensitivity. This was also checked with a pinwheel device. The vibrator was turned up fully and I had to masturbate as well. RESULT!! a good sperm specimen. Sadly the erection was poor.Sr then fed me my sperm as part of the treatment. A first for me and not too pleasant but I shall keep on with that treatment as much as possible.