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201305070172blogDear Mistress Victoria

Thank you very much for a fantastic session today.  You really are one of the best Mistresses in the UK, and so beautiful too.

I requested some foot worship and I must say that you have the most exquisitely beautiful, well pedicured feet that were a joy to worship.

When it came to punishment, I asked you not to use safewords but to gauge how much pain I could take by my reactions, and you were spot on.  Your expertise is second to none.

You clearly took a lot of notice of my likes and dislikes as discussed in our in-depth pre session chat and there was no clock watching during the session. You are a true professonal.

You managed to make the session good fun too, and you have the sharp sense of humour that comes with high intelligence.  I loved the fact that you were able to inject humour into the session.  On that note, thank you for using me as your guinea pig with your new electrics!

To anyone wishing to session with a truly professional, well equipped Mistress, look no further than Mistress Victoria in Cheshire.  I travelled 65 miles each way to session with Mistress Victoria and I will willingly do so again as soon as I can.

Mistress Victoria is tall, awesomely beautiful, an expert Mistress and her multi roomed premises are well equipped with spotlessly clean equipment.  Very few Mistresses put as much thought into a session as Mistress Victoria does.

peter xxxxxxxx