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2013-04-29 085 (480x640) - CopyI had my first session with Mistress Victoria yesterday.

When I booked the session over the phone, Mistress was very friendly and helpful regarding directions and the free parking very close by. I was put at ease by Mistress’s demeanour over the phone.

When Mistress opened the door, I found her beauty to be absolutely breathtaking. My first statement to Mistress was: “Wow!”. You often read on reviews such as these that the photos on the website do the Mistress no justice. That is certainly true in this case. Mistress has an exquiaitely beautiful face and is imposingly tall, especially in heels.

Mistress offered me a drink, which I accepted, and we then had the most in-depth pre session chat I’ve ever had so that Mistress could ascertain my BDSM related interests. Mistress got inside my mind in a way that no other Mistress has ever done, and I relished the beginning of the session.

It rapidly became obvious to me that Mistress is highly intelligent, and very perceptive. Those attributes made for a truly exceptional session.

The session took place in Mistress Victoria’s ‘Cheshire Dungeon’. The entire house has been turned into a large multi roomed dungeon theme and is highly impressive. Everything is spotlessly clean. There was not a speck of dust anywhere.

Mistress is highly adept at rope bondage and I soon found myself at Mistress’s mercy. I also found that some of the questions I’d answered in our pre session chat were used to formulate a punishment plan. Very inventive of Mistress!

There was absolutely no clock watching during the session.

I won’t describe everything that happened during the session, but I can say that Mistress Victoria is of the very highest echelon of Professional Mistresses. The biggest dungeon premises I’ve ever sessioned in, a fantastic array of equipment, and a very beautiful Mistress, expert in everything she does.

I can’t wait to go back for another session with Mistress Victoria.


slave peter