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2013-04-29 085 (480x640) - CopyI had the privilege lat week of meeting and serving the lovely Mistress Victoria for the very first time. She was very welcoming and friendly not only on the phone but in person too. She put me at ease and was keen to hear about me , my level of experience and what I liked and disliked in a session. When I arrived she was wearing a rubber type corset and boots but after our unhurried conversation she was willing to change into a blouse , skirt , stockings and shoes. She then introduced me to her live in maid cynthia who is completely under the Mistress’s control and does exactly what she is told without question.

I had a wonderful time being shown my true place in life and learning that I am a slut maid and to do what I am told just like cynthia Mistress Victoria has amazing premises and I had the opportunity to be trained as a naughty sissy maid in many of her different rooms.

The great thing about Mistress is that she does not clock watch and clearly cares deeply about her stable of slaves After my training i was offered a coffee and we chatted about how the session went I left feeling very satisfied with a sore red bottom nipples and face but by the time I had got into my car I was thinking about how soon I would be able to visit again and serve the lovely dominant Mistress Victoria

Love unworthy sissy felicity x