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2013-04-29 172 (467x640) - CopyI have recently now had the honor and enormous privilege of serving MISTRESS VICTORIA on three separate occasions .The last two visits were two days in succession which were absolutely mind blowing ( Thank so much MISTRESS) and took me further and further into realising how unworthy I actually am and how I need to be owned and want to be owned by the beautiful divine and lovely MISTRESS VICTORIA. MISTRESS VICTORIA is thoughtful , caring but firm and very quickly knows what specific training is required to keep all pathetic unworthy males in check

I have been granted another audience with MISTRESS VICTORIA very soon and cannot wait to find myself in front of her begging to serve and being disciplined , humiliated and trained to be a better , more respectful sissy slut maid

deepest respect to all FEMALES FEMALES RULE ALWAYS

felicity loves her MISTRESS