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sam0150 - Copy (360x640)I was granted another audience last week to serve the amazing , divine and beautiful GODDESS VICTORIA. I was privileged to serve her in so many different and humiliating ways during my visit. My GODDESS is training me so so well that I think I am beginning to understand what FEMALE SUPREMACY actually means.I am now completely under her control

I just long to be with her more and more ,to be in her awesome presence on my knees with my head to the floor begging to serve and learning to obey her ALWAYS! without the hint of hesitation. I was dressed as her maid with sissy cockette tied up and I was led by GODDESS VICTORIA around by my lead which was tied to my balls and .

I love and worship my GODDESS VICTORIA – she is awesome AND I don’t and won’t ever deserve her

deepest respect to all FEMALES

felicity the unworthy sissy slut maid