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sam0150 - Copy (360x640)I first contacted Mistress Victoria many months ago and from the first message i sent her and the first time we spoke Mistress Victoria was extremely helpful and put her self out to answer all the questions i asked about visting a Mistress for the first time.

When i made the appointment to vist Mistress Victoria i was given excellent instructions on how to find Mistress Victoria”s chambers.
When i arrived at Mistress Victoria”s chambers and she answered the door i was very impressed by how stunningly beautiful Mistress Victoria was and was given the most warmest of welcomes and i felt at ease striaght away with Mistress Victoria.

I was offered a drink which i accepted then we had the most in depth pre-session chat i have ever had.

Mistress Victoria”s chambers are very impressive clean and tidy .

During my session with Mistress Victoria we used two of the rooms in the chambers,The session was part C.P. and part B.D.S.M. based and Mistress Victoria was outstandingly brillant during the session and i can not wait to return for my next session with Mistress Victoria.

There was absolutely no clock watching and Mistress Victoria was very generous with her time.

Mistress Victoria is of the very highest echelon of Professional Mistress and i would recommend her without hesitation.